Projects between Swiss and Finnish organizations are welcomed on a bilateral (multilateral) basis. Applications are received continuously. Another option for Swiss-Finnish consortia is to attend the Eurostars calls, if your consortium is dominantly SMEs and if the dates 1 March 2018 and 13 Sep 2018 are possible for you.

For Finland, Tekes’s programme Bits of Health provides services when developing a business network-based ecosystem, increasing business and client understanding and comprehending consumer behaviour. The programme offers funding for research, development and innovation projects. Co-creation with end-users and piloting in early developmental phase in real user environments in encouraged. Each organization has its own form of public funding, grant or loan, as defined in http://www.tekes.fi/en/funding/  . Collaboration projects can be implemented as Eureka Projects which means that Tekes will fund the Finnish partner(s).


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